Create Your Custom Sets

Create A Custom Nail Set

Create your own personal nail sets by using our mix and match shop or send in a
custom request down below and we can create them to order.

Create your custom Press On Nail Set by selecting each nail individually. Choose the nail design, size, width and length of each nail to create you custom press on nail set.

All orders come with a complete Prep and Adhesive kit. You do not need anything extra to apply your new set.

Tools you Get Per Box (10 Nails In Each Box)

  • 1x Wooden Cuticle Pusher
  • 1x Prep And Shine Wipe
  • 1x Mini File
  • 1x Mini Buffer
  • 1x Nail Glue

Mix & Match Single Nails

Custom Set Enquiry Form

Send in a screenshot or any pic of nails you love and I’ll recreate them for your custom set

Cant find a design from the options above and have something custom in mind for your nail set? Send us any information or pictures you have and we can can give you a quote for them to be created and delivered to your door!