Press Ons Sizing Chart

custom press on nails uk sizing chart
  1. Use a measuring tape to measure your natural nail horizontally at its widest point from side to side as shown on the chart. Count each millimetre line and repeat for all nails. Write down your sizes for all your nails. Alternatively, if you don’t have a measuring tape, you can use tape or a strip of paper on the nail. Mark each side (nail wall to nail wall) with a pen and measure the paper/tape markings with a ruler.
  2. Once you have measured all your nails, match your mm to the closest Default Size on our Chart. Those will be your sizes. E.g. 3,6,5,7,9. If your nail mm size doesn’t exactly match a Nail Size Number, always size up. Write these numbers in checkout notes. You can instead write your millimetres (starting from thumb) if it’s easier. If your nails do match one of our default sets, simply select your size (XS,S,M,L) at checkout. Please remember to always list your sizes starting at the thumb.

Our nail tips measure as follows: 

0=20mm, 1=19mm, 2=18mm, 3=17mm, 4=16mm, 5=15mm, 6=14mm, 7=13mm, 8=12mm, 9=11mm

Our Default Sizes (starting at Thumb)

XS 3,6,5,7,9




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