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You can use our booking system online to book in for your massage in Gosport, once accepted you will get a confirmation email for your booking. You can also call me on 07341832167 or email me on If you’d like a same day appointment, do not use the booking service, instead text me and I’ll let you know if we can fit you in.

Our massage treatment room is located within Fitness 24 gym in Bridgemary.  


My name is Sabina and I’ll be your therapist when you book in with Sabz Massage. Qualified, insured and experienced; rest assured you’ve landed in the right place.  Graduating from the highest rated in the UK; the London School of Beauty and Makeup, massage has become my speciality. Since gaining my qualification in 2017, I have worked in various acclaimed Spas and Massage Therapy Clinics in London and Hampshire, constantly accumulating new knowledge and techniques. 

massage in gosport for deep tissue, swedish and indian head massage

Sabz Massage is a Massage Therapy business based in Gosport, around the Bridgemary and Fareham area, established in 2022. The aim at SabzMassage is to tailor your treatment to you, and focus on actively benefitting your well-being. Whether you’re simply after relaxation, or trying out massage as a way to treat an ongoing problem, Sabina will take time to discuss your aims during a thorough consultation prior to treatment.  After your treatment, Sabina will advise techniques and stretches you can try at home, as well as suggest a personalised course of treatments to achieve your goals. With membership, Gift Vouchers and a Loyalty Programme available, we’ll make sure you’re happy with your experience and leave feeling rejuvenated. So, if you’ve got that constant twinge in your shoulder, and you’ve tried everything suggested, or you’re feeling generally stressed and tense, it’s time to book in for your treatment with Sabz Massage in Gosport.


Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins) £40

Starting on the back, I begin with slow light movements to relax your muscles and warm them up ready for when we work through your knots. I thoroughly knead the muscles between the deep tissue work, in order to ensure relaxation as well. I may reposition your arms/legs throughout treatment in order to be able to work deeper within the areas of tension. Moving on to the hamstrings I continue using deep elbow and forearm pressure to release muscles.

Calves are a crucial area to work on, as many people will have tight calves without realising. You may find this area to be a little sensitive.  After this, we turn over to the quads, and front of the legs.

To finish this treatment, I work on your chest, arms and neck, including relaxing stretching of the neck and pressure pointing. Incorporating various deep pressure techniques to work through the muscles and fascia, this full body massage will leave your muscles knot-free. Clients find that their range of motion has improved after just a single session.

Discover the many more benefits of deep tissue massage here.

Deep Tissue Massage (30 mins) £30

This option is for you if would like to focus a full session on a specific muscle group you find tension in. Including deep pressure techniques to get to the deeper layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue), fully relaxing your muscles, as well as breaking down stubborn knots.  Commonly people experience chronic muscle tension in certain parts of the body due to lifestyle, work and exercise.

The neck and trapezius is a place of frequent tension in many people. Having a desk job may leave your upper body cramped up. 

The lower back, legs and hips are also areas in which people experience tension regularly. Sitting in one position without breaks, or standing for prolonged periods of time can all lead to tension in these areas.

This treatment will relieve your muscle tension in the right area for you. 

Swedish Full Body Massage (60 mins) £40

Soothing the muscles and fascia (soft tissue), our Swedish massage will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Using effleurage, petrisage,  friction, and tapotement techniques, this massage is uniquely relaxing.

Swedish massage traditionally includes light to medium pressure, much less pressure than the deep tissue massage; this treatment is perfect for aches and pains and a great all round massage for anyone looking for some deep relaxation.

It will gently wake up your lymphatic system, so your body can efficiently get rid of toxins. Remember to drink plenty of water and get good rest after your treatment. 

Your one hour Swedish Massage treatment at SabzMassage will include the back, neck, chest, shoulders, legs (front and back), feet, arms and hands.

I use lavender essential oil in this treatment to ensure full relaxation. Dose off to the scent of a lavender burner, while you enjoy your Swedish Massage.

Swedish Back Massage (30 mins) £30

Classic Swedish massage techniques including friction and Tapotement, hacking, cupping, tapping.

This session lasts half an hour and is a great option for a shorter version of our full body Swedish massage. If you’re new to Swedish massage and you’d like to experience a taster, book in for half an hour at SabzMassage. 

Indian Head Massage (60 mins) £40

Unwind with the ultimate anti-stress and tension massage. Including pressure point massage to the face, head, neck and shoulders, as well as deep scalp massage techniques.

This invigorating treatment at Sabz Massage will leave you feeling less fatigued and blocked up, as we work through pressure points around your sinuses and scalp. Your energy levels will be reset and balanced, as well as any tension or headaches gone. 

If you suffer with chronic migraines, you’ll be advised a regular Indian Head Massage treatment plan to work on eliminating them completely. 

Having your regular Indian Head treatment here at Sabz Massage in Gosport, will do wonders for your hair, skin and scalp. Using special aromatherapy oil blends, and authentic Indian head Massage techniques will stimulate hair growth and nourish your scalp. You’ll find you have new areas of hair growth, your hair will look fuller, and your face will look and feel more awake.

Find the benefits of Indian Head Massage explained in my blog.

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SabzGlam Massage Location

We are located between Bridgemary in Gosport and Fareham.

Inside Fitness 24 Gym,

Unit 5-8 Oakland Office Park, Aerodrome Road, Gosport PO13 0GY. 

You can ask the reception for directions to the treatment room, or call me on 07341832167  and I’ll come down and meet you.

You can pay by cash in person, or online by clicking on ‘payments’ above. If you’re paying in cash, your £10 deposit will deducted. All online payments are made securely through Stripe.

If you need to cancel a booking please let me know with 24 hours in advance. If you cancel with out a 24 hour warning we will need to take full payment online for your next booking before accepting. No call no shows may result in being banned from further bookings. Please note deposits are non refundable.