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Benefits Of Indian Head Massage

In this article we will be looking at all the various benefits of having Indian Head Massage treatments. Believe me, there are many! So, look no further to find out why you should be booking this treatment with me.

Eases and prevents migraines and headaches

Headaches can often be a result of tension in the upper back, neck, and the scalp. During your Indian Head Massage, I will target all these areas; using various pressure techniques to release your muscles. Pressure points are carried out along the forehead, scalp and neck at the beginning of your Indian Head Treatment. Having your scalp and neck massaged results in better circulation of the cerebral fluid, which is beneficial to your health in many different ways. If you suffer with migraines on a regular basis, having this treatment every 2-4 weeks will help reduce them.

Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression

Indian Head Massage increases the supply of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. This in turn affects your mood in a positive way, similar to the effect of exercise. Indian Head Massage is one the most relaxing massage treatments available. You will experience a deep sense of relaxation, resulting in stress and anxiety relief.

Encourages hair growth

Regular treatment stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which allows nutrients to flow to and nourish them. Your hair will be longer, luscious and strong! Experiencing stress can lead the scalp to tense and tighten, which restricts blood flow to the area. So, you can guess that your hair won’t be getting enough nutrients for optimal growth.

Reduces upper body tension

During your Indian Head Massage here at SabzMassage, I’ll incorporate various techniques along your neck, shoulders and upper back (trapezius and lats). Using pressure pointing, kneading and knuckling to release all the tension in your upper back as well as your head.

Can relieve blocked sinuses

This treatment includes pressure pointing along the forehead and cheekbones, which will give you the benefit of easing any blockage in your sinuses and reducing sinus pain in your face. I also incorporate pressure points around the eye to relax and soothe eye strain and tense muscles.

Boosts memory and increases focus

Massaging your head will in its self supply more oxygen to your brain. An Indian Head Massage is a deeply relaxing yet invigorating treatment. It will quieten the overload of disorganised thoughts, and bring awareness to the forefront of the mind.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Indian Head Massage is one of the most relaxing treatments out there. You may even catch yourself dozing off during your treatment due to the vast relaxation you’ll experience both mentally and physically.

At my treatment room in Gosport, I offer Indian Head Massage for 45 minutes as a full appointment. You can customise this time too, and I now also offer Indian Head Massage as a 20 minute add-on to your body massage, for just £15!

So if you love the sound of all these benefits, go ahead and book your Indian Head Massage with me.


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